Thursday, May 24, 2012

DIY Boho Sack

If I had to choose just one shape to have all my bags in, oversized boho sack bag would be it.

Bag by Cleobella Ikat

Fabric bags are so practical to own, being washable and all, and the boho (hobo?) sack is such a simple, attractive and effective design for a fabric bag.  For some reason, I've yet to come across this style in stores here, but I probably won't buy one now all the same, since I've already found what for me is the better alternative--namely, a free crochet pattern on the Lion Brand Yarn site.

There are actually a bunch of free boho bag patterns there that are very very similar to each other, but it's the Market Bag # 70221A that stands out to me as the one with the best shape and just the right dimensions.

Official site photo

It's a very easy pattern: crocheted in the round, worked in one piece, negligible seaming.  The only drawback I can see is that the bag is very elastic when used as is, so it stretches all over the place when you put stuff in it.  And since I intended for this to be a regular everyday bag instead of a market bag, I found it necessary to sew in a lining to get the bag to keep its shape better. 

I've made three of these bags already, and here's the one with the most decent photograph:

my slouchy boho bag

 Hook Size: 5.0 mm
Yarn: Acrylic Yarn, Red Heart (DK)
Length Used: ~455 m.

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  1. I like hobo bags too! Good job on your bag, and the pic ;)
    From the first picture, I'm inclined to make one from recycled denim, since I don't have much time to crochet one.
    I googled a bit on boho/hobo, and found this forum post informative and entertaining: