Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Yellow Bell Bag

a diy inspired by the Iggy Extra Long Hobo Handbag

The idea was to make a long, lean and yet slouchy bag, and the impetus wasn't my own but inspired by a bag called the Iggy Extra Long Hobo Handbag, which I came across as I was browsing Google Images for next-project candidates.  I was actually able to get my hands on a full-length black genuine leather coat just in time to use for my Iggy-bag knockoff attempt, but I chickened out of cutting it at the last minute and decided to pick something less special from my fabric-slash-thrifted-garments stash to make a prototype with.  The less special items that I ended up picking were these two knit sweaters which I really didn't think I should get because yellow isn't a color I would normally go for, but which I ended up getting anyway because there were two in the exact same shade and they were huge and had batwing sleeves and had so much recyclable yardage in them.

I would, of course, learn shortly afterward what a pain heavy knit fabrics are to work with, but tedious, gargantuan handsewing efforts aside, I must say it's extremely satisfying to have those sweaters out of my fabric bin where they were taking up so much space, and on my shoulder instead where they give me lots of room for the stuff I haul around with me when I go from here to there.

Repurposed from old sweaters

Aside from the cotton sweaters,  I used:

- some light cotton fabric to underline the knit fabric
- an old black denim skirt for the lining
- a vinyl handle and 2 wooden buckles from a purse that my sister was about to throw out
- a magnetic snap

When sewing the parts where stitching would show through, I used thread frogged from the parts of the sweater that were left over after I cut out the bag body.  I only did this because I didn't have any polyester thread that matched the shade of the sweater exactly, and having slightly brighter yellow thread peeking out at the seams annoyed me immensely.