Thursday, May 30, 2013

For a super baby

My mind is running ahead of me with all the projects I intend to make, but this is a welcome sort of hoarding because they all rather virtuously star yarns I have on hand. I have my adorable superhero of a nephew to thank for this stashbusting roll that I'm on: it started when I found out he liked to snuggle in the shawls I'd made for my mom to wear in the car, and while the image of it continues to tickle my heart, it just could not, would not do.  And so, I made this:

using a free pattern called the Superhero Dreamcatcher Afghan, which, if I understand correctly, was originally written up by Wendy Gamble-Hogsten as the Baby's Round Ripple Afghan and later on Spidey-fied by Gail E. of Stitch 'n Frog Crochet.  (Thank you ladies for your generosity in making your pattern and creativity available for everyone to enjoy!)

I used up a little less than 5 balls of Cannon Solid crochet thread -- 2-point-something for the blue and 2 balls flat for the maroon.  It was my first time changing colors within a single work and I think I may have been bitten by the colorwork bug.  Thinking about which color to add in next kept me on my toes the whole time, and it's a bit embarrassing to say how much frogging went on before I settled on the very simple striping scheme that you see above.  

Here's an infinitely cuter photo:

Small side note: My baby love was sleeping particularly soundly when I took that photo: he'd missed his nap earlier in the day thanks to a bit of sugar rush from eating cupcake icing. 

My oh my, isn't he just a dream? 

Monday, May 6, 2013

A post about events that transpired 27 days ago

Having worked from home for quite some time now, I have come to be a mere spectator to the exuberance that affects the office-working sector whenever a public holiday either happens or is made to coincide with the much-dreaded Monday or the long-awaited Friday of the traditional work week. Take, for instance, the four-day weekend that was Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday and Easter Sunday, which I spent at home alone* and mostly in front of the computer trying to get back up to speed on the research I've been hired to assist with after a truly terrible sleep-deprivation-induced flu forced me to spend all of the prior week curled up in bed (and unable to finish even just a single row, sob!).

But a week ago 27 days ago, I had a chance to partake of the various leisurely benefits that long weekends typically afford.  The holiday under observance was Veterans Day, and the non-working statute that accompanied it made a meetup among a few members of the Crochet in the Philippines Ravelry group possible.  There were six of us in attendance and if not for Veterans Day, there would've only been three. I'm kind of pushing it with this long weekend spiel; I remember just now that Veterans Day fell on a Tuesday and there was work the previous day so in addition to being long-winded, the spiel is not even at all accurate. Sorry about that.  I'll take this as my cue to move on to photos of the things I came home with that day.

(1) Delicacies from Cebu, courtesy of Miss Gerry.  

Masareal and chocolate tablea,
but click the image if you want to see some who's and the where, too

I really wish I didn't procrastinate about completing this post quite as much as I did, because looking at the photo is making me crave the slightly gritty peanuty goodness of Cebu's famous masareal which, needless to say, is long gone by now.  Isn't it fascinating that a peanut bar should be white?  I'd say it's only aptly so: masareal has a surprisingly subtle and clean flavor that I really enjoyed.  Thanks again Miss Gerry!

(2) New tools for a newly-acquired skill

(Because not too long before the meetup, my fingers finally agreed to take up my brain's repeated requests to please maintain tension and please stop dropping stitches from the circulars, thank you very much.)

Again, click the image to see the people and the setting

I'd been quite nervous going to the meetup knowing a trip to a real live yarn shop was in store, but I was pleasantly surprised by my ability to stick to my resolution to get only a bare minimum of my craft-related whims needs.  Looking back, I do feel I overdid it a bit.  I should've taken that chance to get some dpn's sans shipping, and an extra stitch holder or two couldn't have hurt either. I'm not too stumped, though, because there will certainly be a next time and perhaps then I'll be better prepared. (gulp)

* The little whine you might perceive there in my tone in no way signifies discontent, it's just my unwriterly shortcomings coming to the fore.  Home happens to be one of my two favorite places to be, the other one being where the other half of my heart is.