Thursday, May 30, 2013

For a super baby

My mind is running ahead of me with all the projects I intend to make, but this is a welcome sort of hoarding because they all rather virtuously star yarns I have on hand. I have my adorable superhero of a nephew to thank for this stashbusting roll that I'm on: it started when I found out he liked to snuggle in the shawls I'd made for my mom to wear in the car, and while the image of it continues to tickle my heart, it just could not, would not do.  And so, I made this:

using a free pattern called the Superhero Dreamcatcher Afghan, which, if I understand correctly, was originally written up by Wendy Gamble-Hogsten as the Baby's Round Ripple Afghan and later on Spidey-fied by Gail E. of Stitch 'n Frog Crochet.  (Thank you ladies for your generosity in making your pattern and creativity available for everyone to enjoy!)

I used up a little less than 5 balls of Cannon Solid crochet thread -- 2-point-something for the blue and 2 balls flat for the maroon.  It was my first time changing colors within a single work and I think I may have been bitten by the colorwork bug.  Thinking about which color to add in next kept me on my toes the whole time, and it's a bit embarrassing to say how much frogging went on before I settled on the very simple striping scheme that you see above.  

Here's an infinitely cuter photo:

Small side note: My baby love was sleeping particularly soundly when I took that photo: he'd missed his nap earlier in the day thanks to a bit of sugar rush from eating cupcake icing. 

My oh my, isn't he just a dream? 


  1. That second photo!!! Aaaaah! He's so cute! :3

    Sorry for all the exclamation points hehe.

    It's good that you took a photo of him using it... It really shows how big the project is. :) Nice work!

    1. Oo, super cute talaga sya, so very plump and sunny. Ang bilis nyang matuto ng little tricks and he loves to play little games. :)

      Thanks for the kind works about my project!

  2. ang cute ! ehehhehe ang sweet mo namang tita :) Dylan does not like being covered by blankets.. sinisipa nya yan eh ehhehe so hindi na ko gumawa for him :) goodluck on your stash busting ehhehe you can do it!

    1. Oo, full force stashbusting na to!

      I gather from your blog posts, mas gusto ata ni Dylan yung mga yarn mismo, tama ba? Parang medyo mahirap ipag-crochet ang baby boys-- aside from blankets, I don't know what else I can make for him. :)